Book is out and ready to be shared!

Rainforest AdventureRainforest Adventure is ready to be shared with the world! To say that I am excited to share these news is an understatement!!! I am deeply grateful for all the support I had from little details to big encouragement from friends.

Here is the link to my e-store on CreateSpace:

To honor the rainforests even more, I will donate 5% of the sales to the non-profit organization Rainforest Alliance. Please help me spread the word about the book and help save the rainforests!

If you want to read a little bit about how this book came to life, here is my blogpost about it:

Here is hoping wholeheartedly that this book will reach many children, their families, schools and communities to get them to spend quality time together and make this world a better place by encouraging readers to make small changes, one at a time.



2 thoughts on “Book is out and ready to be shared!

    • It is an interactive book with vibrant illustrations! I’m glad your youngest daughter is into yoga. It’s way easier if they start at a young age.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, M.!

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