Solving Conflicts in a Peaceful Way

One of the 10 living principles of Yoga is ahimsa, which means non-violence, non-harming, and even compassion towards ourselves and others.

Teaching this subject to adults is relatively easy because you just talk about it and give a chance for the words to sink in with them; maybe they will grasp the idea during class, after class, or maybe they won’t. So you keep trying and one day they may get it. Now, when teaching yoga to kids, the language and approach have to be different. I like to observe and ask the children how they react to conflicts, so we can work on communication and collaboration into better ways of solving problems. Some children come with no knowledge about conflict-solving strategies other than physically attacking others to defend themselves. I figured that discussing this subject some time during a kids yoga class is a great way to bring new ideas while the kids are not in a defensive mode from getting in trouble trying to solve conflicts in some inappropriate way. I truly believe there is a peaceful way to solve issues, and learning that from a young age will sure come in hand many times during our lives.

Here is a great example on how a situation can be handled differently as pictured by this short film from Disney:



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