Raising Awareness About Rainforests

The Rainforest Adventure book is a poem about the rainforest and creatures living in it. With beautiful illustrations, this children’s book shows many wonders from this type of forest and also presents suggestions for yoga poses correlated to animals and plants mentioned in the poem. By performing those yoga poses, I believe children will pay more attention to what the poem is about and therefore engage in learning about the rainforest while having fun at the same time.

As a mother and educator, I believe children need to learn about nature and how it sustains our life in this planet. This should start as early as possible. By encouraging the kids to do the poses in the book, read the poem and talk to friends about it, I hope to raise awareness about our rainforests, and how they are important for us, even if we don’t live very close to them. In the last 60 years, it is estimated that half the area previously occupied with tropical forests has disappeared. If it continues on this rate, by 2030 we would have only 10% of our forests left. To ensure a healthy planet we all can live on, we should all embrace this cause and start helping immediately. By supporting rainforests now and making sure today kids will keep doing it in the future, this situation can be changed for the better in a few years.

That’s why, as an author, I have chosen Rainforest Alliance to receive a percentage of the profit from my book sales as donations. As a non-profit organization, it advocates for the survival of rainforests by working to reduce deforestation and make sure sustainable practices are learned and implemented in communities around the world, among other projects. I believe that by raising awareness about rainforests among kids and donating to Rainforest Alliance will help make a difference in the world today and increase the chances of reversing our planet’s environmental situation for the better.


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12 thoughts on “Raising Awareness About Rainforests

  1. Your Rainforest Adventure book sounds like a great way for kids to feel more connected with nature. My 2nd graders are currently researching rain forest animals and problems caused by deforestation. I will have to look for your book to share with them. I hopped over from the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

    • Hi Keitha! I remember my daughters studying rainforests on 2nd grade. In fact, I will be sharing my book with their former teacher in the next month to bring yoga poses related to rainforest animals and plants they have been studying.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Hi! Thank you for including your book on the KidLitBlogHop and for stopping by Stanley & Katrina’s Facebook page. So thrilled to connect with you. This is a lovely and creative way to educate about Rainforests. Thank you for educating us. Have a super terrific week ahead.
    ~Cool Mom for
    The Stanley & Katrina Gang

    • Hi Stanley & Katrina Gang! I love teaching in creative ways! I believe it is more efficient and fun. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words. Have a blessed week yourselves!

  3. We are learning about habitats at school, so this would be a great addition at the classrooms! Thanks for sharing about your book on Kidlit Bloghop this week!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  4. This sounds like a great story. I really like stories that teach children about nature and the yoga is definitely a bonus. Thank you for sharing!

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