Giveaway for Earth Day, April 22, 2014

In honor of Earth Day 2014, Daria Music and Howling Yoga are offering two prizes for one lucky prize book and frog

winner of our giveaway!

This particular giveaway is for US residents only. Click on the word ‘giveaway‘ to enter.


The winner, to be chosen on April 22, 2014, will receive one copy of the Rainforest Adventure book and one musical instrument – a singing frog from the Indonesian rainforest! With our rainforest related prizes, we hope to raise awareness about these wonders on our planet Earth. From the proceeds from my book sales, I will donate 5% to the Rainforest Alliance organization, which is about preserving forests, educating people about them, fair-trade supervision, and other tasks.

Froggy Guiro

The cute little frog pictured here is from DARIA’s Little Village store that features fair trade items made by artisans all over the world, including many in nations with sizable rainforests such as Peru.   DARIA added this prize to the give-away to draw attention to the issue of fair trade and also because her website features many creative ways that kids can experience the music from cultures where the rainforest thrives.


You’re welcome to check out her fair trade little village store as well as some of these great Earth Day musical activities:

Make A Recycled Rainstick

Make A Recycled Guiro

Download a Free E-book of Musical Crafts From Around The World Made With Recycled Materials:

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