Kids Yoga Class Outdoors

Last Sunday I was invited by a dear friend, who was one of my first yoga teachers, to teach kids while he would teach adults in the same area. We were outdoors, the sun was shining, and lots of people came – a beautiful event!

While he taught more than 100 adults, I formed a circle behind the rows of yogis to do yoga with the kids. The teacher had a microphone, so as we started both classes at the same time, the kids naturally turned to him and started doing what he was saying. I thought that was very interesting! Then I told them, “Hey guys! Our class is here! Please face the center of our circle!” They turned around and we started our journey. I had to be loud to get their attention beyond songs being played by a DJ and the instructor’s voice on the microphone. I got them engaged with fun poses, a short kid-style-flow, partner poses and then used the cards from my book to give them some visual aid for the poses we were about to do.

As the sun warmed us up, some kids took their shirts off and I could see them wiping sweat. It got pretty warm and their energy was starting to slow down. Even though the adults were still moving in yang poses, I decided to have them lie down on their mats and go into a visualization. I kept walking around tickling them with a feather and other tools to keep them resting on their mats. Soon, the adults were also lying down and we all engaged in relaxation. My biggest concern was not to wear the kids out too much, so they wouldn’t run to their parents during their relaxation. It worked! We finished class at the same time and the kids were feeling refreshed and revitalized by then.

I think it is a wonderful thing for those kids to experience an event like this. There is so much love and peace involved! A big group of people getting together peacefully with the same goal – to feel good by doing yoga. And when we put those bodies and hearts together, even the air feels nourishing! Such a blessing! All in all, a wonderful event!

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