My name is Thereza Howling. I am a registered yoga teacher for adults and children. I have been teaching Kids Yoga since 2011, bringing this practice to children ages 2 and up in a fun and safe way in studios, schools, and also at home. Much like lessons at school or homeschool, we can adapt yoga poses to any theme we would like. It even works on birthday parties, when usually the adults also sneak into the yoga class with the excuse of helping their kids and join in the fun!

froggy In 2012, I was inspired by all that I saw being created during my kids yoga classes and decided to write some poems about them. After keeping those poems inside a drawer for one whole year, I decided to get them out and turn them into books. This way, I can share with more people some fun themes and ways to bring them to life with friends.

To make the birth of my first book possible, some friends were willing to help me. My younger daughter, now a teenager, drew yoga poses I asked her to; being a talented artist, she could express in a drawing all the alignment cues for poses I put in words. Next, my friend Luciana, another very talented artist, transmuted my daughter’s drawings into digital illustrations. Then, my friend Ailynn, a very intelligent elementary school teacher and writer, helped me edit the book. Finally, seeing the book take shape, I showed it to my older daughter, who has a down-to-Earth approach to all she does, and received valuable advice on how to make it even more kid-friendly.

I hope you enjoy the books as much as I do! And may them help you strengthen your bond to the children and friends practicing yoga with you. May you share many laughs and exciting discoveries as you practice together!


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