A Quick Interview About My Book

I got interviewed about my book! This link will lead you to Mrs. Carpinello’s blog featuring many authors of children’s books, including me.

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Kids Yoga Class Outdoors

Last Sunday I was invited by a dear friend, who was one of my first yoga teachers, to teach kids while he would teach adults in the same area. We were outdoors, the sun was shining, and lots of people came – a beautiful event!

While he taught more than 100 adults, I formed a circle behind the rows of yogis to do yoga with the kids. The teacher had a microphone, so as we started both classes at the same time, the kids naturally turned to him and started doing what he was saying. I thought that was very interesting! Then I told them, “Hey guys! Our class is here! Please face the center of our circle!” They turned around and we started our journey. I had to be loud to get their attention beyond songs being played by a DJ and the instructor’s voice on the microphone. I got them engaged with fun poses, a short kid-style-flow, partner poses and then used the cards from my book to give them some visual aid for the poses we were about to do.

As the sun warmed us up, some kids took their shirts off and I could see them wiping sweat. It got pretty warm and their energy was starting to slow down. Even though the adults were still moving in yang poses, I decided to have them lie down on their mats and go into a visualization. I kept walking around tickling them with a feather and other tools to keep them resting on their mats. Soon, the adults were also lying down and we all engaged in relaxation. My biggest concern was not to wear the kids out too much, so they wouldn’t run to their parents during their relaxation. It worked! We finished class at the same time and the kids were feeling refreshed and revitalized by then.

I think it is a wonderful thing for those kids to experience an event like this. There is so much love and peace involved! A big group of people getting together peacefully with the same goal – to feel good by doing yoga. And when we put those bodies and hearts together, even the air feels nourishing! Such a blessing! All in all, a wonderful event!

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Happy Earth Day!

Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet

Earth Day should be celebrated every day! After all, we get nourishment and watch all its abundance being available to us day after day. With spring here in the US, buds, blossoms and that vibrant green can be seen anywhere we look. May we, as humans, always make room for nature in our lives – physically (in our countries, cities and neighborhoods) and also in contemplation.

We love you, Mother Earth!


Announcing the Winner for our Earth Day Giveaway


Our Earth Day giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all of you who submitted entries.



It was so hard for me to choose only one winner, and I truly want to thank you for all the work you do with kids! Please know all of you, your intentions and your work are very much appreciated.


Congratulations to A. Wilder, whose work I believe is a great match to the items in our giveaway. You will be receiving an email today notifying you and your prize will be on its way as soon as we hear back from you. We would love to hear from you once you get the prizes, and also after you use them for the first time with the kids. If you could take a picture of them and send it to us, that would be great!

Check back in a few months for another giveaway or even another book coming up; who knows?

Giveaway in Honor of Earth Day

This giveaway is now closed, as of April, 21st 2014. Thanks to all participants; the winner will be announced soon.


Below you will find the entry form for the chance to win one copy of the book Rainforest Adventure by Thereza Howling and one musical instrument – a fair-trade Frog Guiro by Daria Music. Both prizes are shown in this picture, with a total value of $21.18 (twenty one dollars and eighteen cents). More info about the Indonesian Frog Guiro here: http://dariasvillagestore.storenvy.com/collections/34585-all-products/products/6182059-frog-guiro

After submitting your entry form, please come visit and “Like” our Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/howlingkidsyoga and https://www.facebook.com/dariasmusic

Only entries with all required information will be valid. The info comes to me directly via e-mail & is ONLY used for the purposes of selecting winners and distributing prizes. If you experience any problem with the entry form below, please let me know via e-mail to thowling@hotmail.com

Deadline for the giveaway is 11:59pm PST on April 20, 2014. The winner will be chosen on April 21, 2014 and contacted through email no later than April 22, 2014. I will read all comments myself to select a winner among all participants. Winner must be 18 or older. One entry per household. Winner must confirm address once notified about the result through email within the same month of the giveaway, otherwise another winner will be chosen.

By participating, entrants agree: (a) to the decisions of Howling Yoga and Daria Music, which shall be final in all respects; (b) to release, discharge, and hold harmless Howling Yoga, Daria Music and its respective representatives from all liability, injuries, losses or damages of any kind to persons or property resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the acceptance, possession, misuse or use of a prize, or from participation in and/or entry into the Contest or any Contest-related activity and for acceptance, delivery, or use of any prize; (c) that the foregoing parties have neither made nor are in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guaranty, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, relating to any prize.

Giveaway for Earth Day, April 22, 2014

In honor of Earth Day 2014, Daria Music and Howling Yoga are offering two prizes for one lucky prize book and frog

winner of our giveaway!

This particular giveaway is for US residents only. Click on the word ‘giveaway‘ to enter.


The winner, to be chosen on April 22, 2014, will receive one copy of the Rainforest Adventure book and one musical instrument – a singing frog from the Indonesian rainforest! With our rainforest related prizes, we hope to raise awareness about these wonders on our planet Earth. From the proceeds from my book sales, I will donate 5% to the Rainforest Alliance organization, which is about preserving forests, educating people about them, fair-trade supervision, and other tasks.

Froggy Guiro

The cute little frog pictured here is from DARIA’s Little Village store that features fair trade items made by artisans all over the world, including many in nations with sizable rainforests such as Peru.   DARIA added this prize to the give-away to draw attention to the issue of fair trade and also because her website features many creative ways that kids can experience the music from cultures where the rainforest thrives.


You’re welcome to check out her fair trade little village store as well as some of these great Earth Day musical activities:

Make A Recycled Rainstick


Make A Recycled Guiro


Download a Free E-book of Musical Crafts From Around The World Made With Recycled Materials:


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Raising Awareness About Rainforests

The Rainforest Adventure book is a poem about the rainforest and creatures living in it. With beautiful illustrations, this children’s book shows many wonders from this type of forest and also presents suggestions for yoga poses correlated to animals and plants mentioned in the poem. By performing those yoga poses, I believe children will pay more attention to what the poem is about and therefore engage in learning about the rainforest while having fun at the same time.

As a mother and educator, I believe children need to learn about nature and how it sustains our life in this planet. This should start as early as possible. By encouraging the kids to do the poses in the book, read the poem and talk to friends about it, I hope to raise awareness about our rainforests, and how they are important for us, even if we don’t live very close to them. In the last 60 years, it is estimated that half the area previously occupied with tropical forests has disappeared. If it continues on this rate, by 2030 we would have only 10% of our forests left. To ensure a healthy planet we all can live on, we should all embrace this cause and start helping immediately. By supporting rainforests now and making sure today kids will keep doing it in the future, this situation can be changed for the better in a few years.

That’s why, as an author, I have chosen Rainforest Alliance to receive a percentage of the profit from my book sales as donations. As a non-profit organization, it advocates for the survival of rainforests by working to reduce deforestation and make sure sustainable practices are learned and implemented in communities around the world, among other projects. I believe that by raising awareness about rainforests among kids and donating to Rainforest Alliance will help make a difference in the world today and increase the chances of reversing our planet’s environmental situation for the better.


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