Practicing Ahimsa on Earth

Ahimsa, or Non-violence, is one of the yamas (“ethical living” goals) from the Yoga Sutras and can be applied in many different levels.
When I go back to this beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I used to go during my teenage years and see garbage spread all over it, I can’t help it and start cleaning up. Was I the one who trashed the place? No, I would never do that! I could never hurt a place that means so much to me! But even though I was not the one trashing it, myIMG_0195 way to practice ahimsa toward this beach is to clean it up as much as I can while I am visiting, which I’ve been doing for a while. I carry big trash bags (one is attached to my waist in this picture) as I go to the beach and always come back with more than I expected. But I believe that, little by little, we can make the world a better place…
In what ways do you practice ahimsa toward this beautiful living being – our planet Earth?